Delta Translator

MicroPower Software (Proprietary)

Delta Translator is an English-Portuguese translation software program. It can translate texts found on the Internet, in MS Office, in email programs, and other Windows applications. The best part is that it does not change the format of the text or document.

Both the interface and installation menus of Delta Translator come in English or Portuguese. It has a translation speed of approximately 100,000 words per hour, with a semantic assistant to explain the gist of every translation into English, including the usage of the word or phrase in Portuguese. Hence, if the translator can’t provide the most suitable choice, users can still understand and use it. This is handy when there is no direct translation. Apart from the semantic assistant, this program also has a correction assistant. This feature allows users to add new words to the database and choose the most appropriate translation for the words that the translator could not resolve.

It has a spelling and grammar checker in both English and Portuguese to guarantee a quality translation. Users will receive free database updates through the Internet, including product updates, new words and expressions, and new translation rules. It also features the Delta Web Translator that can translate web pages as well as the Delta Windows Translator for translating texts in Windows programs.