Delta Force - Team Sabre

Ritual Entertainment (Proprietary)

Delta Force - Team Sabre is the expansion pack for the game Delta Force: Black Hawk down developed by Ritual Entertainment. Gamers play as members of Team Sabre, who are soldiers of the United States special operations force sent to covert operations in different places around the world. The expansion pack gives players two campaigns in Colombia and Iran. In the Colombian campaign, players are tasked to find and fight the drug lord Antonio Paulo in the jungle; in the Iranian campaign, they must go to the desert to fight the forces of the renegade general named Haatim Jaareah Kalb. The expansion pack provides more challenges and longer game levels.

The expansion pack has 11 missions, each with a set of objectives to accomplish such as blowing up drug boats, rescuing hostages, and seizing the enemy airfield. The single-player mode consists of five levels in the Colombian campaign and six in the Iranian campaign. Each campaign, set in various terrains, offer different challenges. For instance, the thick forests of Colombia can hide enemies that players must watch out for.

The expansion pack provides players with new vehicles and weapons to use. It also offers five new multiplayer environments for online play, and requires players to use team tactics. The game accommodates up to 50 players over LAN connection.