Delta Force Black Hawk Down Demo

NovaLogic (Freeware)

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Demo is a first-person shooting game in which players assume the role of a soldier of the Delta Force. As a military operative, the player is tasked to go to Mogadishu in Somalia and conduct raids to capture Somali warlords. Players start with simple missions such as aiding and protecting United Nations peacekeepers as they deliver food to Somali villagers. As the game progresses, players will be given more daring and difficult missions, such as fighting ex-Soviet military forces and raiding an area where smuggled weapons are stored.

Players get to use real-world weapons to help them accomplish their missions, including sniper rifles, submachine guns and carbines, and even accessories such as the AT4 anti-tank gun and grenade launchers. Players will experience combat not only on foot, but also riding in military vehicles as well as Black Hawk helicopters.

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Demo has a single-player mission, called Diplomatic Immunity, in which players are tasked to recapture a structure that is being held by Somali militia. It also has a multiplayer mode; players can join the game via LAN connection or by logging on to the NovaWorld Games Network server. The multiplayer setting included with this demo version is Team Capture the Flag. In this mission, players must cross the Jubba River in order to reach and capture the enemy’s flags and win the game.