Dell Dock

Stardock (Freeware)

Dell Dock is an application that allows Dell laptop users to organize their applications on a dock placed on a desktop. Users can place icons of commonly used applications on the dock for easy access. The applications are put into separate categories on the dock. There is an icon for photos, audio files, movies, etc. When the mouse pointer is placed on top of the icon, the applications under that category appear at the bottom of the icon. Users can then select an icon to launch the application. A shortcut icon can also be placed on the dock.

The program allows users to customize the look and location of the dock, too. The dock can be placed on the top, the bottom, on the right, or left side of the screen. The color of the dock can also be changed, as well as the dock settings (auto hide, lock dock, etc). There are preset category icons placed on the dock, but users can also add their own category icons. This can be done from the Add/Edit window of the application.

Users can also change the settings of the program by accessing the Advanced Settings menu. Some of the advanced options include touch mode, grow effect, swing effect, glow effect, restore settings, and many more.