Dell Digital Delivery

Dell Products, LP (Bundled)

Dell Digital Delivery is an application that enables users to buy software for Dell computers. Applications that come pre-installed in the computer do not have discs or license keys. Dell Digital Delivery downloads and installs purchased software to the computer. The software acts as a digital delivery service. The program can also be used to reinstall software. To do this, users can access the product key by looking for the name of the application on the Dell Digital Delivery window and clicking on ‘View Key’. In the event that Dell Digital Delivery gets uninstalled from the computer, users can download the application from the Dell Support Website.

With the program, users do not need to visit websites or find license keys for purchased programs. Once the computer is connected to the Internet, Dell Digital Delivery manages the purchased software. The software works by connecting the user’s profile to the database over an encrypted channel. All personal information is not shared with third parties.

Dell Digital Delivery launches the second time the new Dell computer powers up. Users can opt to download the purchased software once the computer is connected to the Internet, or download the software on another time by choosing ‘Remind Me Later’.