Dell DataSafe Online

Dell, Inc. (Shareware)

Dell DataSafe Online is an online backup tool developed by Dell and released in 2007. This program comes pre-installed on some Dell computer systems and laptops delivered to consumers. This program enables users to backup data on their computers to a secure online storage site. All data backed up are first encrypted and compressed before being sent to the Dell DataSafe Online. This protects users’ data from accidental deletions, hardware crashes, software corruptions, and other types of loss.

The program provides storage backup support for several file types. These include photos, music files, video files, and documents. It is available for several storage options ranging from 2GB to 100GB. The Dell DataSafe Online software enables users to select specific data files for backup. Default plan is for 2GB. However, users may access the application to update or upgrade the data plan. Users may access these files online through the application’s official website. Upon availing of the program, users are required to sign-up to acquire a user name and password that will in turn be used on the online site. Subscription to Dell DataSafe Online is for one year by default.

Dell DataSafe Online can be launched by clicking the desktop icon. It can also be accessed from the Dell Support Center. This program also creates backup logs to update the user of their backup and recovery status.