DelinvFile - Delete Invalid File

Assistance & Resources for Computing, Inc. (Shareware)

DelinvFile is an application used for deleting invalid folders and files in one’s computer. Recovery of deleted data is not possible even with specialized tools.

The program’s interface has a structure like that of Windows Explorer. Navigating folders and files can be easily done. A Help file is also provided for users to have knowledge of and utilize the application.
Each entry as well as those containing errors can be viewed. The program’s file queue displays information such as file time stamps, file attributes, and file size. Both file long and short names are displayed for user convenience. Specific items first have to be selected and highlighted by users before clicking on the delete button. Folders and files can be renamed or deleted. The program can also be customized by users to process such operations when a computer boots. A file can be renamed or deleted via Shortname or via UNC. A directory can be chosen via the program’s tree view, and files can be filtered in terms of extension, name, or both. Invalid names’ current locations can also be scanned and the display can be refreshed by the application upon configuration. A small amount of system resources are used in running the program.