Delicious 4

GameHouse, Inc. (Shareware)

Delicious 4, or Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame is a casual time management game where the player has to serve restaurant customers on time. Some months before the game's main story, Emily and Francois are going to her brand new cooking variety show. However, on their way to the studio, their car breaks down but they don't have the money to have the car repaired. To earn enough money, Emily convinces the owner of a nearby diner that she can manage the restaurant. Emily has to work and earn enough to have the car fixed so she can reach the studio, where the producers are already impatiently waiting for her.

All of the game's in-game actions can be done with the use of the mouse. As a restaurant-themed micro-management game, the player is tasked to do everything in the restaurant, from cooking the food to serving the customers. The customers must be served on time or else they will not be happy. When the customers are happy, additional points can be earned. There are two objectives in each of the fifty levels in the game. The first is to earn the required amount of money to proceed to the next level. The second is the expert goal, which, when achieved, gives the player extra cash.