Delicious 3

GameHouse, Inc. (Shareware)

Delicious 3, also known as Emily’s Tea Garden, is the third installment in the Delicious series of restaurant time management games. In this game, players help Emily in pursuing her dream of having and running her own tea garden. Before she can apply for a loan, Emily gets a job at a friend’s restaurant. She eventually gets to work at four more restaurants and soon she earns enough to open her own tea garden.

Customers arrive in the tea garden and choose to either order food to go or sit down at a table. Emily must make sure they are seated if they wish, serve them their specified orders, and accept their payment before they run out of patience and leave. A single customer may order one to two items, while a group may order up to four. To earn a bigger tip, Emily must make sure that her customers are happy and are entertained.

As Emily, players must keep the tables in the tea garden clean by immediately attending to tables after customers leave. Aside from the daily profit earned, players can also earn money that can be spent on making the restaurant look pleasing. Decorating can be done by buying paintings and new furniture, or accentuating a corner with plants.