S.E Inc. (Shareware)

DELETER CGillust 4.5 DEMO is a versatile program that features painting tools for users of different skill levels. This application contains basic and advanced drawing tools for people whose professions require them to create drawings and designs using a computer. Students and professionals can make good use of the many different features of this utility.

Aside from basic drawing implements, this utility is also designed to provide high-end illustrations tools such as brushes and pens. In addition, users are also given the chance to use a wide range of masks and layers for their creative projects. This program offers artists 200 tone patterns that they can choose from.

One of the highlights of DELETER CGillust 4.5 DEMO is the “Work in Progress” feature. With this function, the user can view the work as it progresses from start to finish. The program is designed to record each stroke and every modification made so that the progress of the work can be seen later during playback if the chooses to.

A trial version of DELETER CGillust 4.5 DEMO is available for download. The full version comes with a fee. This program is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. It only runs on computer systems with Windows operating systems running.