Delete Doctor

Kevin Solway (Freeware)

Delete Doctor is a small utility that allows users to delete files that are left on the system by uninstalled applications. When these files accumulate, they take up space on the computer that can be used by other applications. The program offers two ways to delete files from the computer – one is through UNC name and the other is through DOS name. The program is designed for both novice and advanced users.

The program’s interface is straightforward. It has four buttons – Delete file via DOS short name, Delete file on System Restart, Delete file via UNC name, and Delete all files in folder (del*.*). There is a field at the top portion of the window where users must supply the location of the file to be deleted. Users can also browse for the file by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button beside the field. There is also a ‘Help’ button that provides help topics on how to use the application. Users must manually delete the files one-by-one, as it does not have a batch deletion feature. The software does not feature an “undo” function requiring users to ensure that the files to be deleted are the right ones. Files that are accidentally deleted can no longer be retrieved by the program.