Delete Cookie

Volcano Force (Freeware)

Delete Cookie is a shareware intended for devices that run on Windows OS. This utility gives users the power to select and delete unwanted cookies. A Delete Cookie version with limited features is available for free trial for a period of three days only.

Cookies are tools that are used by websites to keep track of user information. Cookies are small text files, which are sent to the computers of site visitors. The files are activated during auto-signing in and are rather indispensable tools used by sites that require registration. Websites may also use cookies for the purpose of advertising products and services. Delete Cookie allows computer users to keep cookies that they like to keep and erase cookies that they do not find useful.

Delete Cookie is a utility created by Volcano Force. Aside from cookie deletion, the user of this handy tool can utilize it to find out important information. These are the details that this program reveals to users: date when the cookie was modified, expiration date of the cookie, and hit times.

This program is easy to use and may be implemented even by computer users without advanced or programming knowledge. Delete Cookie is a utility that does not need too much disc space on the hard drive.