Delcam Exchange

Delcam Advanced Manufacturing Solutions (Proprietary)

Delcam Exchange is an application that allows users to convert Computer Aided Design (CAD) from one format to another. CAD is used in creating, modifying, analyzing, and optimizing design. CAD application are often used by interior designers and manufacturing companies for the designs of their products. This exchange software, on the other hand, allows different CAD programs to talk or communicate so that designs are shared and analyzed by different groups. For instance, not all advertising companies or interior design companies will be using the same CAD software, thus there is a need to be able to convert the design into something that all the members of the team can make use of.

Delcam Exchange allows users to view CAD files from any source including CATIA, Pro-E, Solidworks, and Rhino. It has a pay-per-use translation model where users will be able to see the detail of the CAD file first before they actually pay for the translation. The translation is done on the users own personal computer, eliminating security risks when using other portals like the Internet. The user will need to create an account online and will need to input his credit card details, as the payment of the translation makes use of one voucher per file being translated. This means the user can try translating the same file into different formats to see what format works best.