Delayed Shutdown 3.0

Styopkin Software (Freeware)

A sleep timer is very handy in helping its users to save money by automatically turning off the device at a specific time when the user may not be physically able to do so. This is similar to what Delayed Shutdown is all about. It is designed to schedule a computer to shut down on its own. There are moments when a user is unable to shut down a computer or needs to go out while waiting for a download to finish. This application would get the shutdown process done for a user then. This program was developed and released by Styoplin Software in 2010.

The key feature of Delayed Shutdown is its simplicity. Everything that goes on the program can be configured from the user interface. An additional tab, the Option tab, is there to configure the specific number of hours and minutes before the shutdown. There is a slider located in the middle of the main window for quick time adjustments. The user just needs to click on the icon and the software will automatically run. Hit the “start” button to begin the countdown and just click on the “exit” button or the “x” button to cancel the application. This application doesn’t affect the functionality of the computer’s system because it does not take up much memory and it does not reconfigure anything within the system.