SmartTweak Software (Shareware)

DefragMyDrives is a file and disk management application that is developed to increase disk subsystem productivity by defragmenting the files contained in the internal as well as the external hard disks. This application makes use of complex algorithms to make the disk defragmenting process faster, optimize system performance, and increase system stability.

During computer use, files are broken down into multiple parts and are saved in different areas of the computer. When users access the file, the computer will have to collect the parts. A heavily-fragmented disk would take a long time to open the file, which makes file access time-consuming. This problem is solved by defragmenting the disk. This application finds and brings together the fragmented file parts in advance to prevent wasting system resources over time. By defragmenting the computer, the available free space will be grouped together for new files, and users will be able to enjoy a faster-running computer.

The defragmentation process with DefragMyDrives is easy and can be undertaken by users of any skill level. The process of defragmentation is divided into three tiers. Users will first need to carry out a scanning process. Users can select the drives they would like to scan. The program will then display the fragmented files it has found and a status bar that shows the drives’ health. The last step is to click the Fix Drives button to begin the main process of defragmentation.