Piriform Ltd (Freeware)

The Defraggler is a freeware defragmentation tool created by Piriform Ltd. This program can be used to defragment single or batch files on a computer system. The defragmenting of files can either be manually done or on a schedule.

The Defraggler application offers an advanced defragmenting feature that can be used to transfer large files to the end part of the hard drive. This procedure gives the computer the ability to process small files first. The application also features Quick Defrag mode, which can defrag the computer system faster than the full defragmentation. The application also allows users to defragment the free space on a drive.

The Defraggler program also has a feature that displays how the fragmented files are on a computer before defragging them. It has an Interactive Drive Map that provides a visual representation of how the disc drive spaces are filled or emptied. This Interactive Drive Map provides information on where the fragments are located, how much of the hard drive are fragmented, and other related aspects. The Defraggler Drive Map Legend will provide a detailed description for the color code included in the Interactive Drive Map.

The program supports FAT32, exFAT and NTFS. Defraggles also has a portable version and can be installed on a USB media. It also has support for defragmenting RAID discs.