Defenders of Ardania

Most Wanted Entertainment (Proprietary)

Digital games developer Most Wanted Entertainment has created a tower defense game that offers more than just the conventional concept of putting up structures to deflect invading enemies.  With Defenders of Ardania, published by Paradox Interactive and Deep Silver, players are faced with the challenge of setting up defenses as well as building up their own army to invade enemy territory.

At its most basic level, players need to put up defense towers in strategic areas on the playing area.  Invading enemy hordes arrive from specific entry points, following a particular path, and the players need to thwart them before they reach the exit point.  Foes have different strengths and weaknesses; players, therefore, need to put up protection against any possible attacks.

With Defenders of Ardania‚Äôs next-generation game features, players have the additional challenge of creating an army that would, like the invaders, march to conquer the opponent.  This creates a more interesting and exciting game play.

Gamers can play Defenders of Ardania in single-player mode, or they can try out their skills against other human players.  They can choose to engage in a free for all competition, or team up, two against two.  The game offers 24 defensive structures that can be upgraded as the game progresses and 24 different offensive forces.  There are magic spells as well as other interesting features.