Deep Space Explorer

Guildsoft Ltd. (Proprietary)

Deep Space Explorer is an educational CD-ROM package that enables users to explore the heavenly bodies of space. It makes use of high-quality color images and graphics to render stars and other planetary bodies. With this program, users can travel to any point in space up to 700 million light years away from earth. Along the way, they will get to visit over 28,000 galaxies and see up to 30,000 individual stars. Users can navigate anywhere they want in space. Each of the galaxies is positioned, rotated, and sized correctly so that users can see the star clusters and other elements that form the universe.

Deep Space Explorer has a user-friendly interface that makes it an ideal program for beginners and children, as it does not require advanced computer skills in order to be used. The controls are intuitive that users can easily navigate to let them see photos, read information, and explore galaxies. It is also information-rich, as it provides users with important information about the areas in space they are visiting and also gives links to sites on the Internet that can provide additional material. There are also easy-to-understand multimedia tutorials given by professional scientists on astronomy, cosmological theory, and astrophysics. With this feature, users can learn more about galactic collisions, black holes, and the big bang theory of creation.