Deep Black Reloaded

Biart (Shareware)

Deep Black – Reloaded is an action, third-person shooter (TPS) video game developed by Biart. It was released on April 18, 2012. The game is set in an isolated near future setting where espionage and terrorism take place. The player takes the role of a special Ops soldier named Pierce and his goal is to prevent the bioterrorists from deploying a biological weapon.

The game features both single player and multiplayer gameplay. The single player mode follows a campaign storyline, wherein 40 objectives or missions have to be accomplished. These missions take place in four different environments (both land and underwater environments). Since missions are set in both land and underwater places, battles also take place in such locations. At the start of the game, the player chooses which character to play. Several characters are available. The multiplayer gameplay offers different types of games. It can be played with up to 8 players.

Deep Black – Reloaded mostly takes place underwater. Pierce is equipped with a high-tech suit that allows him to roam underwater freely. The game features different types of weapons. However, the most important weapon in the game is the harpoon. This weapon allows the player to solve puzzles and take out enemies. It can also be used for hacking panels. Other available weapons include a pistol, assault rifle, and shotgun. Melee weapons are available as well.