Deckromancy 1.0.9 (Shareware)

Deckromancy is a program used for creating trading cards that can be printed out and played with. The application is simple and easy to use. Users have complete control over the appearance of the card. The application’s user interface is simple. It consists of a work area where users can see the different parts of the card. The different elements, such as the image, title, powers, and other components can be changed from the left and right side of the main window.

The attributes that can be changed on the card include the background color, cost, name of the card or move, damage, and the body. All these can be edited on their respective text field. The program already comes with different symbols that can be used for the card. Furthermore, users can add different parts of the card according to their preference including a portrait, illustration, elements, class, card number, and body. Users can also edit the backside of the card.

Here are the other features of the Deckromancy application:

• Comes with tutorials that helps users learn how to use the application
• Users can access their Facebook and Twitter accounts from the interface
• Simple and easy to use for everyone