Deckadance 1.93

Image-Line Software (Freeware)

Deckadance is a program developed by Image-Line Software and released in October 2007. This program is a virtual DJ console and audio mixing tool that enables users to create music mixes and continuous playlist loops that can be saved and played in their desktop computers and laptops. Deckadance is used by amateur and professional Disc Jockeys as an alternative to analog music consoles for playing music in parties, dance clubs, bars, and other events. Deckadance supports various audio files such as MP3, WMA, M4A, M4P, and WAV. This program can also be synchronized with a user’s iTunes music library, and is capable of integrating with VST (Virtual Studio Technology) hosts such as Ableton Live, and zPlane Elastique technology. zPlane Elastique technology is a colored waveform that enables users to distinguish bass, manage beat detection, and provide headphone cueing. Deckadance also provides different music effects that can be masked in an audio track to give it a creative effect. These effects include LP, HP, BP, Notch, Phaser, Echo, and LoFi.

Furthermore, Deckadance provides eight integrated sampler ports that can save eight different beat pattern loops from the deck. The program’s sampling process is integrated with its beat detection feature, meaning that samples can be automatically be synchronized to a song’s tempo. This feature also provides volume control for sampler slot output, while the effects can be layered onto the sample banks. Another feature of Deckadance is its ReLooper feature that slices and re-arranges audio samples from the playback buffer for any deck in the program. ReLooper also includes effects such as the wha-wha filter, panoramic LFO, ring modulator, and track coder that mix vocoder and low-fi distortion effects.