Death to Spies

Haggard Games (Proprietary)

Death to Spies is a third-person action game developed by the company, Haggard Games. The game’s plot takes place in World War II and the player assumes the role of an agent of the Soviet counterintelligence agency, otherwise known as SMERSH. It is an agency that actually existed during the Nazi period and stands for the Russian translation of “death to spies”. Its objective was to capture members of the Red Army, who were considered spies and traitors. The player’s mission involves breaking into the Nazi system and completely damage it so that it is permanently disabled. This mission entails fulfilling a variety of tasks like killing enemy soldiers, stealing incriminating documents, abducting officials in high positions, and sabotaging plans of the enemy.

Another crucial requirement of this game is completing a task without being undetected. In order to accomplish this feat, the player must choose a course of action that produces minimal commotion. Some of the stealth moves that the player can resort to include stunning an enemy and hiding the body, wearing the clothes of a dead enemy soldier to blend in with his mates, and using a silencer for shooting. As the player reaches higher levels, the stealth missions become more challenging and timing becomes a key factor in order to survive.