Deal or No Deal

Cat Daddy Games (Freeware)

Deal or No Deal is the PC game version of the popular TV show that goes by the same name. It follows the same gameplay and has the same gaming features used in the TV show. It comes in True Color 24-Bit high resolution graphics matched with quality sound effects for a semi-realistic feel. In playing Deal or No Deal, players will notice the sound of cheering crowds that is very common in the TV show version. No other questions or query are presented to the players except for the main one: "Deal or No Deal?"

In playing Deal or No Deal, players are automatically assigned as contestants of the hit game show. They are to take center stage and battle it out for a chance to win millions of dollars. There are 26 available briefcases at the start of every game. Players will be asked to open briefcases for every round. Inside the briefcases are amounts of winning prizes that are numbered accordingly from 1 to one million. A virtual banker is also present, and his role is to undercut the prize money at stake. For every briefcase opened, an amount of money is revealed and it will be taken off the board that displays all the possible prize money in the game. The goal is not only to obtain the briefcase with the highest amount of money in it but as well as defeat the banker in his schemes of taking away as much money from the winnings.