Deadly Stars 1.7.0

Gametop (Freeware)

Deadly Stars is a shooter and space fighter game that features realistic 3D visuals. This game recalls the classic Atari computer games but with a contemporary touch. Deadly Stars is developed by Gametop.

The gameplay of Deadly Stars is rather straightforward. The player controls a spaceship that attacks virtual enemies using either missile attack or primary attack. In Deadly Stars, new players must take note that the missiles are not unlimited and therefore must never be fired without a clear target. The missiles are either auto target missile (five missiles to fire) or manual target missile (20 missiles to fire). The player may also need to rescue the spaceship at some point and defend it against the enemy offensive.

Game controls use either the keyboard or the mouse (optional). Default control buttons are CTRL, spacebar, Z, X and the arrow keys. The control button configurations may be modified based on player preference through the options menu. Deadly Stars has a simple menu that is easy to follow. The traditional items that veteran gamers have learned to love can all be found, including options, new game, exit, load game, etc.

Deadly Stars also features an exciting soundtrack that helps immerse the player fully in intergalactic warfare. There are five distinct galaxies that await players. In addition, a variety of power-up systems and upgrades are available.