Deadly Dozen Pacific 2 Theater

nFusion Interactive (Proprietary)

Deadly Dozen Pacific 2 Theater is a tactical first-person shooter game developed by the company nFusion Interactive. The sequel to the original Deadly Dozen, this game is set in various locations like Western Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific region. The plot revolves around a troop of trained soldiers deployed by the US government to engage in combat with Japanese forces. The squad find themselves in challenging and dangerous environments like dense and humid rainforests, smelly swamps, and scorching coral beaches. In Multiplayer mode, players control the 12-man squad on various missions. Players can take on these missions individually or with other players via the Internet.

In Deadly Dozen Pacific 2 Theater, each squad member possesses 11 main traits, sniping and infiltration being the most in demand on the battlefield. This game also offers new weapons such as flamethrowers and samurai swords. Players are aided by computer-generated teammates that can spot enemies and kill them. The game also features a themed soundtrack that changes according to the scene. Players have the option to play the tracks or turn it off at any time during the game. They can also refer to the large-scale maps to help them navigate through the complex environments.