Deadhunt (demo)

REL Games (Freeware)

Deadhunt (demo) is a first-person shooter game in the arcade genre. It is designed with 3D graphics that add to its realistic feel. In this game, players go face to face with skeletons and zombies and try to fight their way in pits. There are seven varieties of weapons available for the player to use against the undead creatures, including machine guns, pistols, shotguns, grenades, and automatic guns. Players have to face 3 main types of monsters: bugs, skeletons, and zombies. There are 50 different kinds of monsters in total to defeat in 40 missions that are divided into four challenging episodes. The demo version provides a limited playing time.

There are two playing modes available in the game: Survival and Greed. In the first one, players have to earn as many points as possible. This is done by killing zombies, bugs, and skeletons while picking up certain items, such as runes and weapons along the way. In the second mode, players have to kill as many monsters as possible, in an all-or-nothing play—if their character dies, their score returns to zero. To help players in their missions, the game provides 37 bonuses such as Nuke Remote, Double Damage, and Slowdown. There are 10 kinds of runes to pick up that can help destroy the monsters. There are four difficulty modes in Deadhunt, making the game ideal for players of all skill levels.