Dead Space

EA Redwoods Shores (Proprietary)

Dead Space is a single-player third-person shooter, survival horror game first released on October 14, 2008. In this game, the player controls the ship systems engineer named Isaac Clarke. The storyline revolves around Isaac as he tries to escape a starship filled with Necromorphs. These Necromorphs are mutated and reanimated dead bodies that were infected by an alien virus. Its major goal is to spread the infection by first killing humans.  

As a third-person shooter game, the player must constantly kill Necromorphs as the story unfolds. The game’s combat system is different from other games. Instead of shooting, Isaac must cut off a section or limb of a Necromorph in order to kill it. Most weapons in the game are improvised. This is to reflect Isaac’s engineering skills. Weapons available in the game include hydrazine torch (works like flamethrower), rotary saw, plasma cutter, force cannon and contact beam. A military rifle can also be used. However, rifles do little damage to Necromorphs. Items and ammunition can be collected throughout the starship. The player may also access the automated stores for buying or selling of items. The game also features Bench units, which can be used to upgrade the weapons and suit of Isaac via power nodes.  

Aside from weapons, the player may also collect other items or tools to aid Isaac in solving puzzles, surviving or killing enemies. Isaac also features Stasis ability, which is capable of slowing down Necromorphs. A Kinesis module that enables Isaac to throw or pick items is available as well.