Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

CAPCOM CO., LTD. (Shareware)

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is an action adventure game that was first released in 2011. The game is a re-imagined version of Dead Rising 2. The protagonist in the game is Frank West, a photojournalist who has impressive combat skills. The game is set in Fortune City where Frank needs to battle against different enemies using a variety of weapons. The game is a mixture of comedy and horror. Players must complete missions to progress through the storyline. The game offers five different endings, depending on the cases that the player completes and the choices that are made throughout the game.

Other features of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record includes:
• 15 new combo weapons that can be build by the characters
• Sandbox mode with more hostile enemies
• Photography feature with different styles (horror, outtake, drama, special, brutality, etc.)
• Unique and interesting game locations
• New hands-free earpiece for Frank
• Chuck Greene (protagonist in the Dead Rising 2) can be played as a second player in co-op mode

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record also has a theme park called Uranus Zone. Other additions in the game include new case files, new bosses, and survivors, modified versions of characters, and fighting moves.