DCS: Black Shark

Eagle Dynamics (Proprietary)

DCS: Black Shark is a helicopter simulation game developed by Eagle Dynamics and released on October 2008. This PC game is the first of the Digital Combat Simulator game series by Eagle Dynamics. It features the Russian helicopter Kamov Ka-50. The Ka-50 is a single-seat ground attack aircraft that was first used in combat in Northern Caucasus. It features a dual rotor system and a weapons payload that includes rockets, bombs, missiles, and a 30mm cannon. This Russian helicopter model also enables the pilot to perform an emergency ejection through the ejection seat.  

DCS: Black Shark enables users to simulate driving or controlling a real life Ka-50 helicopter cockpit. The KA-50 cockpit is fully interactive containing all the switches found on a real Ka-50. Buttons and switches are operated using the mouse. Aside from mouse controls, the game features almost 500 keyboard commands allowing the user to fully control the cockpit. This game also features 6 Depth-of-field TrackIR that enables the player to move the virtual pilot’s head to a certain degree to see switches that may be obstructed by the joystick or the virtual pilot’s own legs.  

DCS: Black Shark is released originally with single player mode. However, a patch added the multiplayer compatibility with another game, Flaming Cliffs 2. It also offers a simplified game mode with the label Game that is geared towards inexperienced pilots.