DBF to XLS 2.45

WhiteTown Software (Shareware)

DBF to XLS is an application that is utilized in converting DBF files to XLS format so that they can be accessed with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs that support the file format. The program supports several input formats of different files including dBase, VFP, Fox Pro, and others. It is also simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners and experienced computer users.

On the main interface of DBF to XLS, users can add files to the application by using the file browser. This can be done by clicking on the Browse button. When a DBF document is open, its contents will be displayed on a chart with information including the ID, layer, color, line type, and many others. Users can also set a filter for the file to convert. Other settings that can be changed include the output location for the file, use or overwrite existing files and tables, code page settings, and the version of Excel to convert the program to.

More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Support for controlling the program using command line
• Can be used in batch mode in order to process several files all at the same time
• Supports different versions of Microsoft Excel