DBF Converter

HiBase Group (Shareware)

DBF Converter is an advanced program that converts dBASE III, IV, and 5.0 file contents quickly and conveniently. The converted files can then be opened using Calc and Excel. This tool is intended for the use of beginners and advanced users alike.

Essentially, this converter tool is designed to convert DBF files database into a code that can be imported into an SQL database irrespective of specifications. This application is intended primarily for the use of individuals working with DBF files on old databases.

The DBF Converter program utilizes a Wizard-like interface that is easy to understand and implement. The user only has to select the files for conversion and the process will proceed. The well-designed DBF Converter interface also features customization tools for the CSV file. The user can change the headers to their preference and remove trailing spaces, if so preferred. DBF Converter is therefore a versatile tool.

This utility is also capable of reading dBase databases and batch file processing as well as conversion of DBF table into SQL script, and conversion into UTF-8 format. DBF Converter has other functions including printing the content and building a sample data record. It can support numerous data interchange formats including HTML, CSV, RTF, Excel, PRG, XML, and TXT.