DB Extract for MySQL

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc (Shareware)

EMS DB Extract for My SQL created by EMS Database Management Solutions to provide MySQL users an alternative to large scale database importing and exporting. EMS DB Extract for MySQL is a helpful tool in database backup creation in SQL scripts form. Its two most basic features include a user-friendly wizard done on command line in Microsoft and Tunneling for privacy.

First, the wizard can allow metadata saving. It stores large capacity metadata for both MySQL objects and MySQL table data in a form of snapshots. The built in migration tool to MySQL database includes the complex EMS Data Pump to migrate other database types like Oracle or MS Access to MySQL.

Next, the command line which is responsible for the creation of backups will be activated, giving the users the memory backup convenience they need in case of emergencies.  The table data extraction, statement insertion and constraint definition is on automatic mode, in junction with back up. Another key feature of EMS DB Extract for My SQL is SSH tunneling while accessing database. This is crucial once host provider limits server connection to TCP/IP (this is the protocol used to access the internet from a computing device) while doing migration. The tunnel merely acts as proxy connector. It also ensures privacy of data being transferred online.

EMS DB Extract for My SQL  other key features include:

• Unicode data support
• Database item selection for extraction
• Result script compression and two volume split
• Extraction saving on current wizard session