DB Comparer for MySQL

EMS (Shareware)

The EMS DB Comparer for MySQL is a program designed to effectively handle a variety of tasks involving organization and database comparison. Using this software tool, one can view the main differences on all compared archived objects. Synchronization is a fundamental function for this particular software. It has the ability to do comparison and synchronization of folders both in single or multiple servers. Its synchronization protocol is also capable of involuntarily generating a script that will remove all or a few chosen differences.

One of the main features of the EMS DB Comparer for MySQL is the Console Application protocol. This allows the program to automate synchronization tasks. Due to the flexibility of the program, one can take control of several tasks at once. Another feature of this software program is its user-friendliness. It is possible to simplify the entire process of detecting and rooting out differences in the MySQL folder composition due to its practical interface.

Other key features of the EMS DB Comparer for MySQL include the following:

• Visual display of the differences on two archives featuring modification scripts.
• Loading and saving projects and all the boundaries
• A broad selection of choices for synchronization and comparison
• Integrated SQL script editor that has capabilities for syntax highlighting
• Ability to generate reports
• Ability to add custom reports