DAZ Studio

DAZ 3D, Inc (Proprietary)

DAZ Studio is a 3D computer graphics application. The program is different from other 3D graphics programs, as it has built in models and figures. This eliminates the need to create models from scratch. The application has tools for figure customization and posing, as well as animation tools that can be used by anyone. With the program, designers can create custom characters, create design elements, create illustrations for projects, and design virtual environments.

One of the main features of DAZ Studio is the Genesis series of figures. The program offers figures that have changeable proportions, sizes, and shapes so that users can come up with a wide variety of models using just one base. Other features of the application include the following:

• Scene file sharing
• Selective scene saving
• 3Delight render engine
• Support for creating multiple instances of a model
• Lightweight format (DSON)

DAZ Studio has a simple interface that allows users to manipulate models and scenes easily. The common tools can be accessed from the program’s main window. In addition to the tools and features of the application, users can also purchase a starter bundles to use with the software. These add-ons are photo-realism, fantasy, anime, and haunt bundles.