DAZ Studio 3 (64bit)

DAZ 3D (Freeware)

DAZ Studio 3 is a graphics application that enables users to create figure illustrations and animations in 3D. It comes with 3D models and figures that are ready to use, so that users will only need to manipulate these according to their preferences. It is developed for users who desire to design and develop 3D models but do not have the advanced skills required when using CAD programs and similar advanced 3D applications. It also has interactive, step-by-step tutorials for beginners. The interface is simple so users can easily add and manipulate models, change body shapes, adjust textures, and adjust lighting.

With this application, users can create illustrations for publications, make graphics for websites, create custom CG characters and avatars, make a storyboard, create characters for animated films, and design virtual environments. Along the way, users will be able to learn and develop 3D rendering skills such as morph creation, weight map painting, mesh deformation, and poly-grouping.

Users can select from thousands of ready-made buildings, people, animals, and props to place on their 3D scene. 3D models can also be posed and dressed according to user specifications. Users can then adjust the lighting and the camera angles and save the rendered 3D images and scenes. This application is bundled with the 3Delight renderer, which is able to render and display 3D images and environments with realistic surfaces, depth of field, and motion blur.