DaysEase Application

Ziff-Davis, Inc. (Freeware)

DaysEase is a calendar program that enables users to create their own yearly or monthly calendars in different kinds of formats. It also has a notes feature that allows users to add a notes portion to the calendar. This enables users to add small reminders to the calendar. The application has a simple and straightforward interface where users can easily create a calendar. The main work area shows the calendar and there are four tabs on the right side of the window.

• Calendar – The calendar tab shows the options for the month and year, as well as the day notes. Users can change the calendar style (portrait or landscape and year), as well as the horizontal and vertical width and height for the calendar.
• Style – The style tab is where users can change the font for the calendar and change the month and year to a different location.
• Image – Under the image tab, users can add an image to be used for the calendar. The application supports the bitmap file format. The image position can be changed as well (width, fill, and center)
• Events – This tab is where users can add event files to the calendar. Users have complete control over the captions to add on specific dates on the calendar.