Dawn of War - Winter Assault

Relic Entertainment (Proprietary)

Dawn of War - Winter Assault is an RTS video game developed by Relic Entertainment and released by THQ. It is an expansion pack for the Dawn of War game and was initially released in 2005. This expansion includes 12 additional missions in the campaign mode. It also included an additional faction called the Imperial Guard. It is a playable faction for the single- and multi-player modes.

Winter Assault’s single-player mode features two more campaigns – Forces of Order and Campaign of Disorder. Each campaign features five missions and each ending having two alternative stories. In the Forces of Order campaign, the player may choose to control either the Eldar or Imperial Guard factions. During the first few missions, the two factions are force-switch. The player can switch freely during the fourth mission. The one that wins the fourth mission will advance to the final mission. The final mission depends on what faction is used. The Campaign of Disorder follows the same principle.

This expansion also includes major changes for the multiplayer mode. For instance, the game added the Imperial Guard as a playable faction. Upgrades are also limited for the units. Aside from this, the game also added new unit for each faction. There’s Khorne Berserkers for the Chaos faction, Mega Armored Nobz for the Orks faction, Fire Dragon Squad for the Eldar faction and Chaplain for the Space Marines faction.