DaVinci System Software

Biamp Systems (Bundled)

DaVinci System Software is an application that enables users to create customized graphical control interfaces for digital audio systems. This program works hand-in-hand with Biamp’s audio processing systems, including the Audia and Nexia components and processors. With this program, users (or audio-video integrators) can design easy-to-use control screens for computers so that end-users from different technical backgrounds will be able to easily access the functions of different applications using graphic-based interfaces.

DaVinci System Software consists of the following tools and features:

• Auto-connect function – this feature can locate a Biamp component as well as its network settings automatically. It then loads the control functions and the presets of the component and puts these on a full-screen layout that is also based on a graphical user interface. With this feature, users do not have to load and access control screens manually.
• Easy-to-use interface – the program’s interface is intuitive, with a low learning curve. Users can easily design and engineer audio networks with Biamp’s other applications and audio components.
• Support for TI-2 telephone interface – with this feature, AV integrators will be able to design control screens for teleconferencing applications, speed dial pads, and dialer controls and buttons using different colors.
• High level of configurability – users can fully customize the size of an interface they are designing, set font scaling on auto, and edit labels on controls.
• Comprehensive set of drawing tools – users can use a variety of labeling tools, backgrounds, and other control functions for creating graphic interfaces.