DataSafe Online

Dell (Shareware)

DataSafe Online is a backup service that is pre-installed in Dell systems, such as Vostro, Inspiron, and XPS. The software must be installed as soon as the user receives the computer, since the one-year subscription starts when the product is shipped. The backup service offers five storage options – 2 Gb, 10 Gb, 30 Gb, 50 Gb, and 100 Gb. 2 Gb of space is free for the first year of use, while the other four storage options can be used for a fee. The program can be used to store important documents, audio files, videos, and photos.

DataSafe Online makes use of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption to save files online. All the data saved in the online storage can be accessed with a username and password. The software can be used to manage all files that need to backed-up. Users can also set a schedule for performing backups. By default, backups are performed once a week, but this can be changed on the settings menu. Files contained in the online storage can be remotely accessed by logging on to the program’s website.

The program keeps a log of all the backed-up files. This can be accessed by clicking on the Dell Support Center icon on the desktop. Subscriptions must be renewed in order to keep using the service. Files will be deleted in the online storage once the subscription is overdue. Users can check the end of their subscription by logging into their DataSafe Online account.