DataPilot Calendar

Susteen, Inc. (Shareware)

Datapilot Calendar is one feature from the Datapilot program for mobile phone users. The user can add, remove, and edit schedules. The user can set holidays, birthdays, and special events on the electronic calendar, which can be exported to and imported from the user’s MS Outlook. Appointments can be added, deleted, or edited. An alarm feature can be selected to remind the user of the event.

The interface displays a monthly calendar with a menu toolbar on top and an events schedule on the bottom. Scheduled events are displayed on the monthly calendar days. Datapilot Calendar can import and export calendars and schedules from MS outlook to the user’s mobile phone. The user can select a date range, specific date event, and period of time to export. The program allows the user to manually schedule events on the calendar. Users can add an event by clicking the Add button on the tool bar or by double-clicking the day itself on the calendar. A dialog box will be displayed and the user can select the time when the event will begin and end, the title, detail, location, URL if any, and phone number of the contact person. The user can set the alarm on the alarm tab. The user can edit an existing schedule by double-clicking the event on the calendar or on the events schedule at the bottom of the interface. An Edit dialog box will be displayed and the user can make the necessary changes to the event details.