The Turbo Shop, Inc. (Shareware)

DataMaster-MM is a data collection tool designed specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles that utilizes a Delphi-equipped diagnostic interface. This is an advanced Windows-based utility that is easy to use. This application provides users with data such as distance traveled and relevant engine data that reflects engine performance. Users of this program can easily playback the available data in order to evaluate the status of key engine operating parameters.

This is a data collection program developed by The Turbo Shop, Inc. Because of the data it provides users is invaluable in the analysis of engine performance. It can produce a dyno graph of torque and horsepower based on data that have been recorded over time. This is also a tool which can perform graphing of engine data in cases where there is a need for troubleshooting.

This application has many features, including recording of engine data when the vehicle is in motion and while stationary. This utility can also retrieve and store DTCs or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (current and historic). With DataMaster-MM, Dyno data as well engine data can be exported for analysis purposes with the help of third-party applications or by spreadsheet. This utility is also designed to provide users with a printout of engine and Dyno data.