Database Workbench

Upscene Productions (Proprietary)

Database Workbench is a development environment designed for multiple database engine development. The program features a comprehensive suite of development tools from design, implementation, debugging, and maintenance. It comes with visual design tools that can be design agnostic or design specific. These tools enable users to create visual diagrams or new database. Implementation tools include visual management tools and visual editing tools. The program also comes with SQL tools and Script tools.

Database Workbench includes a testing tool and a debugging tool.  Volume testing is executed using the Test Data Generator integrated in the program. The integrated debugging tool enables users to debug stored procedures. It is called the Stored Routine Debugging Tool. The program also includes a SQL editor consisting of query statistics tool, visual query plan analysis tool, and visual query builder. These tools are essential when profiling database queries. Maintenance functions are performed using monitoring tools like the Database Compare tool and the Script Recorder tool. The Database Compare tool enables users to generate a change script.  The Script Recorder tool allows users to track changes to the script.

Database Workbench offers Productivity tools including a SQL and Parameter Insight and a two-way visual query builder.  The program also comes with Code, Object, and Name templates. It also offers data transfer, import, and export functions. Supported file formats include CSV files with sizes of up to 2 Gb.