Data Pump for MySQL

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc (Shareware)

EMS Data Pump for MySQL permits users to create and build an ActiveX data object connection string for choosing tables and basis data provider connection.  It can import data from the following: MS SQL database, MySQL equivalent, MS Access or other database that is ADO-supported. The tool guides users when it comes to viewing and editing any SQL script most especially when generating the aim for MySQL database.

EMS Data Pump for MySQL translates object source and their properties; it features a special editor which helps set a criterion for importing data to SQL statements. It also allows the user to manage MySQL database design, migration, extraction, MySQL query building, data import, and export database comparison. It also includes the automation process of the data migration that would correspond to the user’s task scheduler. Along the said features is user friendly interface which helps the implementation of the data conversion and editing with few and easy to follow steps.

Other key features include:

• Ability to save and exclude all other restriction specified within wizard period,
• Capacity to bond and associate to the target MySQL server by means of SSH (Secure Shell) and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) tunnel.
• Set SQL criterion for data migration
• Copy data from diverse sources like spreadsheets, sequential files, document stores, OLE DB and DBC connections

Furthermore, EMS data pump for MySQL comprises different support versions which might be used for the MySQL process. The tool also allows data generation customization. This can be done through the configuration allowing data definition, size precision and default value allocation.