Data Import 2010 for MySQL

EMS Database Management Solutions (Shareware)

EMS Data Import 2010 for MySQL is a powerful software program produced by EMS Database Management Solutions Inc. that imports data from MS Access, MS Excel versions 1997 to 2007, DBF, XML, CSC, TXT, MS Word version 2007, RTF, ODF, and also HTML files to MySQL tables in a fast-pace. The said tool caters an adjustable import parameter while allowing different modes at a time. The modes include: Insert All, Insert New, and Update among others. The tool can handle several importing task batches at a time without sacrificing speed. It comes with a wizard interface and command-line utility so average users can use it without coding. This utility quickly imports data in configuration file.

Some key features of EMS Data Import 2010 for MySQL include:

• Multi-file support for 10 most well known setups involving MS Excel 97-2007 and Open Document Format
• Various table data importing to either one or several tables or views from various files.
• A UNICODE support is also available. Unicode represents characters or integers. Unicode supports 65,000 unique characters.
• A secure Shell (SSH) and HTTP tunnelling support to access database server without hassle.

The  EMS Data Import 2010 for MySQL also allows field forming when importing with TXT, XML and CSV formats to new table. Users are also allowed to choose preferred necessary encoding when importing DBF files. It now includes UTF8 (UCS Transformation Format-8 bit). This encoding represents every Unicode character.