Data Generator for MySQL

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc (Shareware)

EMS Data Generator for MySQL is used to generate test data for MySQL databases. Testing database applications and other components is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of input data and other operating conditions. This tool helps generate databases in a fast pace manner with separate versions for popularly used DBMS servers. This includes: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgr-eSQL, Interbase, DB2, and Firebird. Editing can be done either automatically (machine generated) or manually before execution.

Moreover, the other key features of EMS Data Generator for MySQL are as follows:

• Set NULL values for certain percent of cases
• Data preview capability
• Automatic control over referential integrity
• Use SQL query results for data generation
• Data generation to several tables from different databases in a single host

EMS Data Generator for MySQL also comes with a console application. This allows users to generate MySQL data in an instant by using templates. Other ways to generate data include: random data generation, data extraction from specified list of files or existing table, getting data from SQL query and incremented values generation. Set of modes available will depend on the data generation mode chosen.

Another feature is code folding. Code folding is simplified as editing and saving generated data for future use. It also allows syntax highlight and SQL editing. Configuration parameters are also numerous. Users can easily customize generated data through default generation, default constraints definition, enable/disable option to empty tables before generation and NULL record percentage specification.