Data Flow Accelerator

Technoload (Shareware)

Data Flow Accelerator includes a list of downloads for skins disabled. The list of downloads has indicator definitions, a logo beside the link, Data Flow Accelerator is a data interchange manager that uses multi-section downloading through file sharing for faster download rates. It is a program specifically used for file sharing and downloading through the use of common Internet protocols for transferring data.

This program supports file downloading from these file-sharing sites:,,,, and Other supported sites include,,,, and

Data Flow Accelerator uses the process of direct link-sharing through multi-cell downloading (downloading one file from several servers). It also allows the fragmentation of files downloaded, sorting of files by category, and downloading of files that are larger than 2GB. There is plug-in configuration along with an auto-detection option.
and the ability to transfer data via the context menu. Users can also use keyboard shortcuts. The latest version has an improved algorithm to manage references in the download section.

Here are some of the key features of Data Flow Accelerator:

• Search torrent files in DHT network
• Support drag-and-drop feature for sending links from browser
• Support magnet links
• Receive direct links for file hosting
• Support video download (e.g Metacafe, Youtube)