Data Doctor Recovery - Sim Card

Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd. (Shareware)

Data Doctor Recovery - SIM Card is an application that can be used to recover data already deleted from a SIM card. These data can be contact details or messages. Other types of data can be recovered, including fixed dialing numbers, the last dialed numbers, and the name of the phone’s service provider.

To use the program, the SIM card must first be connected to the computer using a SIM card reader. The application will first ask the user which card reader type is in use. There are only two options - those with Phoenix technology and those with PC/SC technology. The program will scan and check the SIM card for content that has been removed and any data that can be recovered. After the scan process is complete, the program displays a list of the recoverable data in the main window.

In the program's main interface, all data types can be seen on the left portion of the window. Clicking on one of them will display its contents on the main pane. All data on the main pane can be exported as a text file. This way, the data can be saved on other computer applications, like Excel and Word.