Palmer Performance Engineering (Proprietary)

DashCommand is an application used by car owners to monitor their engine data. It was developed by Palmer Performance Engineering. The program enables users to check the engine health, all the more when the check engine light has already been blinking. Users can also monitor their actual torque, horsepower, or the current acceleration. These parameters can be displayed using the DashCommand. The program can also monitor and check the fuel consumption and gas mileage of the vehicle. It enables users to customize their dashboard to display only the relevant gauges. The program works only with vehicles that are EOBD and OBD-II compliant.

DashCommand gauge types are divided into three types: Performance gauges, Fuel Economy gauges, and Engine gauges. Performance gauges include those that compute corrected vehicle speed, engine speed, boost/vacuum combo gauge, acceleration, torque, and open/closed loop. Fuel Economy gauges include those that monitor avg fuel economy, instant fuel economy, time to empty, fuel level%, fuel remaining in tank, distance to empty, and fuel flow rate gauge. Engine gauges compute the engine coolant temp, ambient air temp, intake air temp, mass air flow, catalyst temp, fuel pressure, and air/fuel ratio, among others. DashCommand also features a trip computer that can store vehicle data for up to the last 5 trips. The trip computer can compare a number of parameters including distance travelled,  avg fuel economy, fuel cost, drive time, avg driving speed, avg boost/vacuum, and max fuel flow rate, among many others.