DART Karaoke Studio

DARTECH, Inc. (Shareware)

DART Karaoke Studio is an application that enables users to create their own karaoke songs. This program effectively removes the vocal tracks from a song, synchronizes song lyrics with the music, and enables users to record their performance as the sing along to the tracks they created. This provides users with the ability to make audition CDs and karaoke tracks that they can practice to.

This application supports audio files in WAV and MP3 formats. Users can import song lyrics or create their own. With this feature, users can create parodies of popular tunes, or create translations of songs.

One of the key features of this application is the DeVocalizer, which removes the main vocal track from any audio file, or lessens its volume to guide users in singing. Users can also add their own performance to the track. The new recording may be added to the track alone or mixed with the original vocal track. This is useful when trying out backup vocals or second voice singing.

DART Karaoke Studio comes with a built in rip and burn software to allow users to save their karaoke tracks into CDs. This is ideal when creating custom karaoke CDs for events, such as reunions and birthday parties.