dsi (Proprietary)

DarkStone is a computer video game where the player has to go on an adventure to defeat the Lord Draak. Draak has the ability to turn into a large and powerful dragon. He has been previously defeated but now returns to bring destruction to the land. Along with him are minions that will do what he orders them to do. In Draak's lair, the player must battle enemies, locate the sacred crystals, and ultimately defeat Draak himself. However, Draak is unbeatable for most of the game. Only after the player is able to take the Time Orb can Draak be defeated.

In Darkstone, the primary method of performing actions in the game is through the mouse. Clicking on the screen moves the character. Clicking on chests opens them, giving the player access to items. When the player clicks on an enemy, the player's character immediately attacks that enemy. One unique feature of the game is its capability to control up to two characters at the same time. When the player is directly controlling one character, the second character acts as a support unit to the first. The game can be played by a single player or with other players in multiplayer sessions.